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Summer R Workshop #1 – Introduction to R & Jupyter

Summer R Workshop #1 – Introduction to R & Jupyter

This workshop is an elementary introduction to R statistical system (and a very brief introduction to the Jupyter scientific notebook). It is intended for people who are entirely new to the R system. Topics: importing data; loading function libraries; data types; working with lists, vectors, and data frames; selecting data; computing simple descriptive statistics; basic graphics; and (really) simple linear statistical models. Required background: participants should be at least somewhat familiar with simple statistics at the level of an introductory course to understand the procedures presented, but very little knowledge is presumed. Materials: all required materials will be provided via a web-accessible interface, so no pre-installed software is required, however, you will need to sign up beforehand to get an account on the computer system we will be using. A laptop computer is required to participate in the workshop.

Instructor: Dr. Matthew Turner (mturner46@gsu.edu)


Location: 58 Edgewood Ave SE, Room 365

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm
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